Oops! You’ve broken into a mild sweat…

Come on ladies and gents, let’s smash August in the face. ‘Tis a month to breathe out and contemplate; ’tis the season of Mr. Whippy and mosquito rage.
Justin Vernon & Co. of Volcano Choir have provided this song for us to listen to as we survey the swelling summer ocean from the crow’s nest of a galleon:

Or we might want to follow Colin Stetson out of the August rain and into the flooded sewers, where we find him making single-take magic for La Blogotheque. 6:00 – 9:00 of this session is transcendental, like the celebratory roar of human nature in the face of all its earthly limitations.

What about entering Fiona Apple’s humid boudoir to find her putting makeup on as the day cools down, ready to go out on a first date with your best friend?

And then dancing in the moth-filled night under a circle of lampost-light to Phil Collins, sippin’ on Sangria?

…Yes, it’s time to smash August in the face.


Spring Cuttings

Laura Mvula deserves all the praise and attention she is getting. Her debut ‘Sing to the Moon’ is unique, exciting and transportive. Here is a video of single ‘Green Garden’ for BBC6:

If that alone doesn’t get your spring shoots dancing in their little plastic pots, then try this on for size, wise-guy: a fantastic cutting from ‘Love This Giant’ with a lightning-strike horn-chorus that’ll bring a glow to your pale wintered face:

Finally a hypnotic video for a zygotic song: thanks The Knife, you clever old things.

Keep on trucking.

Special 2013 Winter Massage

Welcome, come in, do.
First, we’ll chill you down in a snow-bath, to stiffen the sinews and freeze the glittering memories of 2012:

Next, we’ll delve into the shadowy recesses of the mind, lying tangled in cerebral semi-slumber:

Now we will just gradually start syringing brain fluid from your head…

You’re inert now, so we’ll take advantage of that by hitting you with sticks and forcing you to dance:

Finally, we’ll bundle the ‘new you’ into a van and joyride you to your family home, where you’re left on the doorstep…

Happy New Year.